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Manhattan:    Classic faux leathers with plain or patina finishes - Price Band A.

Bronx:            Super-soft, light grain effect, plain faux leathers - Price Band A.

Harlem:          Plain faux leathers with a deeper grain pattern - Price Band A.

Expression:    Vibrant faux leathers colours & suede effect fabrics - Price Bands A/B*.

*Price Band A:  Colour Heaven, Napoli Hide, Suede.
  Price Band B:  Classic, Gemstone


Cadet:              Designs & coordinating plain vinys - Price Band B.

Lunar:              Designs & coordinating plain vinyls - Price Band B.

Expression:     Modern & eclectic vinyl designs - Price Bands A/B*

Parody:            Linen weave & denim viny upholstery designs - Price Band B.

*Price Band A:  Prism
  Price Band B:  Silk Road, Boulevard, Rhapsody, Spiro, Lazy Time, Shanghai Chic


Mezzo:              Smooth, soft touch, breathable contract fabrics - Price Band A.

Terrace:            Textured linen/basket-weave effect fabrics - Price Band A.

Gracelands:     Smooth, soft touch, velvet feel fabrics - Price Band A

Santos:             Contemporary, small textured, woven design fabrics - Price Band A.